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30 mins

A 30-minute lesson is a little unusual in language learning but it shouldn't be. Sometimes it is absolutely perfect and is exactly what you, the student, need.

So who would benefit most from a 30-minute lesson?

  • Maybe you have to give a presentation in English at work or university and are worried about it. A quick lesson with me will allow you to practice it and run through it in a safe environment where you don't need to be nervous. We can talk about the pace of your presentation and how to enunciate more clearly so that everyone will easily understand you. We can also look at the kind of language you use and make sure it is all appropriate, as well as looking at possible alternative phrases you could try in order to avoid too much repetition of the same expressions etc. Most importantly it will give you a sense of calm and you will feel more prepared.

  • Perhaps you were watching a political, sports or music interview on TV or listening to one on the radio and feel like you missed key aspects of it which prevented you from feeling like you fully understood. Well, we can watch it together and stop and start and go over the parts you didn't catch and I can explain it all fully. Plus we can make notes and look at the key phrases used, in our shared folder.

  • Or you want help with the kind of language and vocab needed for a specific topic. Movies, British culture, travel, sport, music and the arts or comedy.

  • Perhaps you just want to talk and have a conversation in English and you don't really get the opportunity in your everyday life.

  • The kind of lessons are only limited to our imagination.

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60 mins

A one-hour lesson is the classic length. It gives us time to explore your ideas or use one of my worksheets and go into a little more detail.

So who would benefit most from a 60-minute lesson?

  • Obviously all the things that apply to a 30-minute class can be applied to a 60-minute class too (see above for the 30-minute class info). However, there is the added advantage of being able to use that extra time and really explore the language and very importantly have more time to practice it. 

  • There is also the option of solidifying grammar points in a 60-minute class. Let's say for example that you want some help with using mixed conditionals. "If he hadn't broken his laptop, he would be sending emails now." We can check over all the grammar and then produce examples and add it all to our shared folder for future reference.

  • As well as going over the topics you suggest. We have a little extra time to do some of my homemade worksheets. These are on anything from new articles to vocab to idioms. Anything is on offer. Feel free to get in touch nd I can show you some sample worksheets.

  • Perhaps you have an English exam coming up and need listening practice or reading practice? 60 minute lessons are a good length to work on this as well.

  • As with the 30-minute lessons, they only limited by our imagination.

2 to 1

60 mins

These lessons are a great way for colleagues, friends or couples to learn together in a fun relaxed way.

So who would benefit most from a 2-1, 60-minute lesson?

  • These lessons can be very interesting as there are many new options open to us. We can set up role plays where I can act as the native speaker and you can interact with me. You could be renting a car from me, booking a room, making a complaint, asking me for visa advice or even something as fun as getting a round of drinks in for your friends at pub for your friends, then enjoying a little light-hearted banter.

  • There are also many opportunities to learn using peer correction. If you know the other student well and ae comfortable with them, you can listen to each other and then I can ask you questions about what your partner said. This kind of feedback is very useful as you can here the english of your partner being fixed in real time and this really does make it easier to remember.

  • Perhaps you are a couple and are about to go on holiday to an english speaking country and need to brush up your communication skills. Maybe you are a little nervous and need a few refresher lessons.

  • As with the the 1-1 lessons, we can also use some of my own materials, of which there are 100s to choose from on virtually every aspect of learning English.

  • One final advantage of 2-1 lessons is that the price per student is lower. Just £20/student/hour!

Proofreading writing

This works a little differently to the other types of lessons.

So who is this for?

  • Perhaps at work you have been asked to write a letter or an email to a client. Perhaps you have been asked to draft a proposal? Maybe you are a student and need some guidance with writing your essays​ or you may have finished writing a dissertation and now need someone to go through it and make sure there are no big errors and that the grammar and syntax is all reading as it should. It would be a shame to lose points for a technical issue with grammar.

  • Usually, we will make a copy of the document in our shared folder and we can both make edits and changes in real time. 

  • Also there are two options as to how I correct your writing. The first method is for us both to read through it together fixing things as we go along. This way I can explain why I am making the changes that I am in real time. The second is that I check through your work by myself and leave all my edits as "suggestions". You can then look through these in your own time and choose whether to accept them or not. More importantly it will give you a chance to ask me questions. "Why did you change "If you went..." to "Should you go..." etc. 

  • The price is marked at £30 for one hour. However, this is always an average starting point. There are a number of factors that make the proofreading service harder to price ahead of time.

  1. The number of words.

  2. The level of your writing (an IELTS 6.5 will need less time correcting than an IELTS 8.0).

  3. The level of detail to which you need it checked.

  • So whatever the written work is, a casual email to a 10,000 work dissertation. I can help you make it fluent and natural in its tone.

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