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See what some past/current students say

Nothing means more to me than hearing from satisfied students about how these lessons helped them overcome their challenges. Check out some of their testimonials below and let me know how I can help you.

"His style is very learner-friendly and each lesson is customized according to my needs and requirements. He explains why certain ways of expressing ourselves are preferred over others, as well as new acceptable phases with references to their linguistic origins. I am confident to say that it is the best service I have ever had in pursuit of a more natural command of English."

Kenji Komeda

Civil Servant

"Julian doesn't only teach us about English pronunciation and accents, but also about British culture, politics and everyday life in a very interesting and enjoyable way. His lessons are so interesting that sometimes I forget we are even in a lesson!"


International Researcher

for a Japanese bank

"Among Julian's many strengths, the one that has helped me the most is his flexibility and social skills as well as professionalism. He has always been flexible and professional in helping me to complete high-level academic essays in a short period of time, which helped me to receive high scores from one of the world’s top universities. His social nature  and sense of humour also made English conversation lessons a lot of fun and allowed me to learn numerous expressions through relaxed and friend-like conversations about current affairs and today's social issues."

Masayo Miura

LSE/EMSc Social Entrepreneurship

"Julian is a generous, witty and professional teacher. His lessons are both enjoyable and extremely practical."

Civil Servant & Graduate of the London School of Economics

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