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A new flexible way to take your English to the next level.

-online lessons-

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Who is this for?

Would you describe your level as...

  • IELTS 6.5 - 8.5?

  • TOEFL 90 - 118?

  • CEFR C1 or C2?

  • Upper intermediate and above?

Do you feel that despite having achieved a good level with your English and working hard, you have reached "the plateau" or you have "hit the wall" or suddenly you feel like you are "running through treacle" and not making the progress you should be? Hop-on Hop-off English will help you smash down the wall and communicate with confidence and a new level of understanding.

Let's get you beyond the plateau

Do you sometimes struggle with social/work situations in which there are native speakers? The language suddenly seems much more difficult due to natural pronunciation or idiomatic language or even cultural differences or cultural references. Do you find yourself being a little quiet and worried about getting fully involved? Together we can fix these problems, build your confidence, and get you fully involved and contributing to any social situation. 

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Flexibility & convenience

Are you a busy working professional or perhaps have a chaotic family life and you don't want to commit to paying for a batch of lessons at a fixed time each week. It is simply not possible if your own schedule is always changing.

Would you rather just pay for the number of lessons YOU want and have the freedom to choose when to have them. Once a week is fine, but once/twice a month or even once a year is also fine! You take lessons when YOU need and want them. Perhaps you need a short 30 minute lesson to practise a a presentation. Perhaps you want an hour to go over a complicated news article or story that you need to fully understand. It is entirely up to you. You don't need to make a commitment as "Flexibility" is one of our keywords. You choose the level of commitment and you are in control. 


As well as flexibility, we also value simplicity. Here at Hop-on Hop-off English all lessons are booked and paid for through the website in just a few clicks. It is a simple, clean layout that again puts you in control. It is no more difficult than booking a haircut! You can talk to me about the kind of lesson you would like and what your particular problems are all before booking. Unlike most companies, we offer 30-minute lessons as that may be all you need for that day. Perhaps you just want to review the third conditional grammar or you want me to check over an email for you before you send it. Simple and flexible.

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Shared folder

All students receive a link to a shared folder. This is a private folder just for you and me.  In this folder we can both make notes and you can add links and notes into it at any time. If you think about something interesting you would like to do in our lesson, then just make a note of it in the folder and I will look at it before our lesson and we can go over it all together in class. It's a convenient way of staying in touch and keeping track of our progress. Every time you book a lesson, we will return to this folder so we can keep track of how you are doing. Plus you will always have a digital record of everything we cover in class that you can access 24/7.  

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Time difference

It is important to remember that as this is online, and students can take lessons from anywhere in the world, all the times displayed are in UK time. (Although you can choose to have it shown in your local time if you prefer). Check the UK time here.

Come and say hello!

If you have any questions at all then please ask them either through the form or at the email address/phone number below and I will happily answer them for you.

+44 7517811718

Thanks for submitting! Will be in touch very soon.

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